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Performance Physique is dedicated to providing our clients with world class fitness and nutrition coaching. With a focus on fitness nutrition and self care, we pride ourselves on our high level of experience, qualifications, expertise and consistent great results from our clients. From our Personal Training programs to our Online Nutrition Coaching, everything we do is designed around you. Our Personal Training service is of the highest quality and we 100% guarantee results! Our Online Nutrition Coaching powered by ProCoach sets realistic habits to maximize your health without unnecessary dieting and drudgery.

Joel is the owner of Performance Physique, loves sushi and helping people make big changes a little at a time. He's also NASM Certified and holds the specialties WLS, WFS as well as a Precision Nutrition level 1 Certified Coach. You probably don't care about any of that but be sure to check out what his clients are saying about him and his coaching style.
Coach Joel
Coach Joel
“Trainers and gurus have turned being fit into this unattainable magical unicorn when at the basics, it isn’t that hard!” The biggest problem I see when people want to change their life? They TRY to change everything all at once instead of being consistent in a program that seamlessly weaves itself into the fabric of their lives.

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The next year of your life could be time of personal growth and positive change helping you step away from who you are today and toward the person you want to be for the rest of your life! Follow the same curriculum that has rendered awesome results for 45,000 people just like you.
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