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Struggling with your weight? Feeling bummed out? Sluggish during workouts? Or just sluggish in general? These are common complaints from our new coaching clients. And poor diet isn’t always to blame.



Everything from lucid thinking, to good decision making, to proper digestion, to high performance is heavily dependent on getting good quality sleep.

Unfortunately, more than a third of adults get fewer than 7 hours of sleep each night, the minimum needed to keep your risk of health problems in check.

And that’s not counting the millions of folks who likely over-estimate how much sleep they’re getting, or whose sleep quality is poor because of other, seemingly unrelated lifestyle factors.

In this infographic, we unpack early indicators that you’re not getting enough rest. Then we share exactly how to prep for the best night sleep, starting with when you wake up.


There you have it: Why sleep is so important, how to tell if you’re not getting enough, and how to engineer the perfect day for a great night’s rest.

Learn more healthy lifestyle strategies.

After reading this infographic, you might be wondering what other lifestyle habits affect your diet, weight, mood, and general wellbeing — and how you can tweak your routine to finally reach your health goals.

Women and men in our programs learn all about these. Even more, they get the support and guidance they need to develop practical, effective nutrition and lifestyle habits that will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

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